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Adler inferiority complex

Adler described inferiority complex as two different types: Primary Inferiority This type is thought to start in childhood as a result of feeling helpless and being compared.

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An inferiority complex encompasses feelings of inadequacy or inferiority. These feelings may result from an actual physical defect, or they may show up in situations where we feel less intelligent than our peers. In other cases, the supposed inferiority may be concocted from purely imagined shortcomings. Feeling inferior goes beyond unhappiness. Alfred Adler, the Austrian psychiatrist best known for introducing the concept of inferiority complex, is often quoted as having said that “the only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well.” We suggest that in pathology, and perhaps even more so in gastrointestinal pathology, the opposite is true.

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Alfred Adler (/ ˈ æ d l ər /; German: ; 7 February 1870 – 28 May 1937) was an Austrian medical doctor, psychotherapist, and founder of the school of individual psychology. His emphasis on the importance of feelings of belonging, family constellation and birth order set him apart from Freud and other members of the Vienna Circle.

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Individual Psychology: Inferiority, Compensation, Superiority People can respond to inferiority by developing a superiority complex. A superiority complex involves covering up one’s inferiority by pretending to be superior. Bullies, braggarts, and petty dictators everywhere are the prime example. Even more subtle: people who hide their feelings of worthlessness in the delusions of.

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Superiority complex is a term coined by Alfred Adler in the early 1900s, as part of his school of individual psychology.. One of many views on superiority complex is that it is a defense mechanism that develops over time to help a person cope with feelings of inferiority. Individuals with this complex typically come across as supercilious, haughty, and disdainful toward others.

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